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Frequently Asked Questions

         What is Home Care?

o        Home Care is a service that enables someone to live independently at home rather than relocate to an institutionalized setting. Millions of Americans rely on home care to stay out of hospital, nursing home, rest home and other institution. Care is brought to your home to maintain & restore health and well being.

         Who might need home care?

o        Senior / Elderly

o        Someone with Disabilities

o        Individual recently discharged from the hospital who is not fully recovered

o        A person with a chronic condition that needs frequent monitoring and or personal care

o        A person living with HIV or AIDS

         What type of services do you offer?

o        Services include but not limited to: companionship, supervision and observation, medication reminder, assist with bathing, grooming, dressing, meal planning, preparation, diet monitoring, exercises, escort to appointments and light house cleaning.

         What are the benefits of Home Care?

o        Individual have 1on1 care

o        Patients heals more quickly at home

o        Home Care gives the individual maximum comfort and freedom

o        Family and friends have a sense of control and have peace of mind

o        Families member can stay together

o        Services are personalized to each individual need

o        Significant savings when compared to a hospital setting or nursing home

         How do I know the caregiver will be trustworthy?

o        You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that all of our caregivers are rigorously screened. We only hire the most responsible and qualified caregivers who have experience and can provide verifiable references. Furthermore, we conduct thorough background checks and each caregiver will have their fingerprints on file with the Department of Justice.

         Do you accept insurance?

o        Some long term insurance company will cover home care expenses, it is up to you to check your policy's. Medicare and Medicaid or other health insurance plans do not cover home care.

         Are there any special program for Veterans?

o        Yes, for former US servicemen & servicewomen, the Veterans Administration Pension Plan offers a home care benefit call the "Aid & Attendance". Ask us for more information.

         Are home care just for seniors?

o        There are no age range for clients for home care service. Of course, senior citizens are the greater portion of our patients.

         Do you provide services in facilities?

o        Yes, we can send caregivers to hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. We provide all of the same personal care services just as we would in your own home.

         Is there a Contract for Services?

o        There is a service contract that stipulates the rate, level of care, patient rights, and overall permission to provide home care service to the individual.

         Can you provide twenty-four hour care?

o        Yes, we provide 24 hour service. We usually break the shift up into 2 so each caregiver working will be fresh and alert while on duty.

         English is not our first language, do you have someone who can speak . . .?

o        Yes, Compassionate Community Care have caregivers that are multilingual and multicultural to meet your specific needs. English, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Tagalog.


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